Thursday, November 18, 2010

Change weather location on Yahoo hompage?

How do I change the weather part of my Yahoo homepage from California to England. I live in England and want the English weather not the California weather. On the Yahoo home page there is a place where you can get the weather for the day. It is next to Mail and Yahoo Messenger. How do I get the English weather listed there instead of the California weather. ThanksChange weather location on Yahoo hompage?
Right beside your California location there will be an arrow pointing down. Click on the area, enter your zip code and click %26quot;Go%26quot;. Make sure that you put a check in the white box that is next to %26quot;Make this default location for Yahoo!%26quot;.

If you haven't done so already, click on %26quot;My Account%26quot; so you can set up your time zone and search area preference.Change weather location on Yahoo hompage?
You have to change your details in accounts. Like an english post code and the time zone. Go into accounts it from yahoo answers page. If not you will have to open a new account. Google searches afre based on your server ip address.